Guided Visualization

Guided Visualization is a neuroscientific method analogous to hypnosis led by a teacher, in person or via audio or video.

Guided Visualizations have been increasingly established in healthcare systems for the last 40 years, with research proving its positive impact on health, creativity and performance. It has been scientifically proven that even 10 minutes of imagery can reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood, and heighten short-term immune cell activity.

We have collaborated with Dr, Saunders, PhD of Cybernetics of the brain, who has created a series of guided visualizations to strengthen and support your NeuroFitness.

The Difference: Guided Visualization vs Meditation

The thing about NeuroFit’s expertly designed and curated Guided Visualizations that are different from Meditations their focus on the sub-conscious and the limiting beliefs that are embedded within it. Meditation focuses on improving the present moment. NeuroFit’s Guided Visualizations focus on shredding the limiting beliefs inhibiting your ability to sustain health, happiness, and fulfillment.

Meditation is about clearing your conscious mind by focusing on the present moment. Guided Visualization is about speaking to your subconscious mind to allow your conscious mind to release limiting beliefs.

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