The NeuroFit™ BootCamp : Optimizing Your Brain’s Performance One Week At A Time!

The Ultimate NeuroFitness Training System    

Based upon Soul 7’s many years of clinical experience and in collaboration with Dr. Clifford Saunders, Ph.D. (Neuroplasticity), we have created a unique NeuroFitness system.  Our 10-Session BootCamp combines neuroscientifically engineered Sound Therapies, Guided Visualizations & Personal Mastery Coaching, to re-wire the brain for sustainable emotional health & physical wellness.

Over the course of the 10-Session NeuroFit™ BootCamp, Members will repeat their weekly sessions as often as possible.  Every 7-days, our members will graduate to the next NeuroFit™ Training Session.

As we would train our bodies, optimizing our NeuroFitness requires repetition in order to shred sub-conscious limiting beliefs and upgrade these toxic thought patterns with empowering productive thought patterns to achieve the sustained results that NeuroFit™ guarantees.



Each Week Our Members Will Graduate & Unlock The Next Level Of The NeuroFit™ Training System...

The De-Stresser

Circuit #1: The De-Stresser
Begin the process of balancing your mind/connection for sustained stress relief.

Circuit #2: The Head Stretch
Expand your brain’s ability to think outside of the box.

The Brainwash

Circuit #3: The Brainwash
Detoxify negative thought patterns.

The New You

Circuit #4: The New You
Discover who you really are.

 The Mindful Warrior

Circuit #5: The Mindful Warrior
Overcome the Fear that neutralizes our ability to transform.

The Dreamscape

Circuit #6: The Dreamscape
Learn to re-connect with your true and authentic self.

The Alchemist

Circuit #7: The Alchemist
Recognize how great you truly are.

The Energizer

Circuit #8: The Energizer
Rejuvenate your Mind/Body connection.

 The Wake-Up Call

Circuit #9: The Wake-Up Call
Become version 2.0 of yourself.

The Inner Sanctuary

Circuit #10: The Inner Sanctuary
Embedding and sustaining your transformation.

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