Hot/Acu Meditation Tech™

Achieve A Deep State of Zen Relaxation

Meditation is becoming more and more of a staple in our daily routines. The problem is that to achieve the powerful benefits of this ancient art requires, time, patience and persistence. With our busy schedules these barriers to entry make it easy for us to give up and push aside this powerful practice.

Our Hot/Acu Meditation Tech™ have been neuroscientifically engineered to bring meditators into a deep state of zen relaxation. Our breakthrough Meditation Technologies are offered in two options, Heated, or Acupressure.

Heated Meditation

Using Japanese Bio-mat infrared technology in combination with Canadian Audio Visual Entrainment Technology, our members can deepen their mind/body connection…without even knowing how to meditate.

Acu Meditation

Using Himalaya Acupressure Mat designed to relieve stress and pain in combination with Canadian Audio-Visual Entrainment Technology, our members release their stress or pain…without even knowing how to meditate.

The Benefits of Hot/Acu Meditation Tech™
  • Increased Focus
    Increased Focus
  • Greater Happiness
    Greater Happiness
  • Improved Circulation
    Improved Circulation
  • Balanced Mind/Body Connection
    Balanced Mind/Body Connection
  • Deeper Sense of Relaxation
    Deeper Sense of Relaxation