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Brain Fitness

Introducing The 10-Steps Of NeuroFit™

Over the course of the NeuroFit™ 10-Step System, Members will receive daily sessions, which are quick & easy to complete in less than 30-minutes per day! Every 7-days, our members will graduate to the next step in the NeuroFit™ System.

As we would train our bodies, optimizing our NeuroFitness requires repetition in order to shred sub-conscious limiting beliefs and upgrade these toxic thought patterns with empowering productive thought patterns to achieve the sustained happiness that NeuroFit™ guarantees.

The Three Pillars Of NeuroFit™

Based upon Soul 7’s many years of clinical experience we have created a unique System which combines neuroscientifically engineered Sound Therapies, Guided Visualizations & Personal Mastery Coaching, to re-wire the brain for sustainable emotional health & physical wellness.

Guided Visualization

Guided Visualization is a neuroscientific method analogous to hypnosis led by a teacher, in person or via audio or video.

Guided Visualizations have been increasingly established in healthcare systems for the last 40 years, with research proving its positive impact on health, creativity and performance. It has been scientifically proven that even 10 minutes of imagery can reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood, and heighten short-term immune cell activity.

We have collaborated with Dr, Saunders, PhD of Cybernetics of the brain, who has created a series of guided visualizations to strengthen and support your NeuroFitness.

Sound Frequency Therapy

NeuroFit™ embeds within the soundtrack of each of the Guided Visualizations designed by Dr. Saunders, specially curated, evidence based frequencies of sound which cause a response in the listeners autonomic nervous system.

Temporary stimulation by these frequencies, combined with the listeners cognitive and non-cognitive participation while listening to the Guided Visualization, promotes relaxation, muscle re-education, and cellular rehabilitation that returns the body to its former state of wellness.

Personal Mastery Coaching

NeuroFit complements Dr. Saunders Frequency Embedded Guided Visualizations with Jenifer Merifields Personal Mastery Video Series. Jenifer has significantly transformed hundreds of peoples lives over her many years of Transformation Coaching. Each of the 10 Personal Mastery Videos guides the viewer to an understanding of how to integrate the newly re-wired empowering beliefs instigated by the Guided Visualizations.

NeuroFit™: A Mission & Passion

NeuroFit™ has one Mission: To help people become the best versions of themselves both physically and emotionally through an expert curation of neuroscience and mindfulness technologies.

It’s hard to talk about NeuroFit™ without talking about Bob Berman. So, let’s start here…

In his late 50’s, Bob lost his wife of 38 years to cancer. Beginning with her terminal diagnosis Bob left his law practice and began a journey that took him across the world to find alternative therapies and experts for his wife. Too late for his wife, Bob made it his mission to offer alternative healing methods to as many people as possible. To provide evidence-based alternatives, Bob set up Soul 7, a health & wellness clinic in Toronto and began collaborating with bio and neuroscientists.

After five years of clinical experience, Bob and Soul 7, Director, Jacob Charendoff decided to expand his mission's reach. That’s when NeuroFit™ was born.

NeuroFit™ was officially launched when they decided to systemize Soul 7’s technologies to make them available in a format both at the Studio and online so more people could experience their benefits anytime, anywhere.

Check Out What Our Clients Say...

Ann M. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I find each session so therapeutic! Being alone and having time to yourself relieves a lot of stress. I start feeling better instantly:)"

Professor Alexander Manu, OCAD ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Right at the beginning I was struck by how I was performing, as I teach and write....Since doing the NeuroFit session I increased my focus and productivity from writing 2,000 words per day to 3,000 words per day. This is outstanding!"

Himadri A. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I benefited immensely , the benefits spill across my entire day. After the first week I was experiencing a lesser level of stress."

Meet Our Team

  • Neurofeedback

    Bob Berman,
    Soul 7 & NeuroFit™ Founder

  • Neurofeedback

    Jacob Charendoff,
    NeuroFit™ Co-Founder

  • Neurofeedback

    Dr. Saunder,
    Ph.D Cybernetics

  • Neurofeedback

    Jenifer Merifield,
    Transformation Coach

  • Neurofeedback

    Jaimie Slavin,
    MPH & RD

  • Neurofeedback

    Jesse Kelin,
    Audio Engineer & Composer

Research shows NeuroFit™ can positively impact

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